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les raisins

The Auclair property belonged to Thomery’s first woman president who cultivated the famous weary hunt until 1945.
In 2000 we renovated this typical country house in the village, out of sight of its walls. The grape rooms have been rehabilitated into guest rooms. A swimming pool compliments the second garden.
In 2001, we opened our guest rooms. We named our house Auclair Property in honour of the former owner. The rooms, on the other hand, are reminiscent of the past of grape farming in Thomery.

A little of history!
Thomery offered to Kings living in Fontainebleau as in the Parisian gourmets of the grape of available chasselas grape all year!
To do it, not less than 300 kilometers of walls with vineyards were raised on perfectly directed côteaux. This architecture, if particular marked the landscape of Thomery with these mineral scarifications.
Local associations make today this unique technique live again "in green raid" invented in the Renaissance.
On the banks of the Seine, just a step from the Castle of the River, the magnificent private domain and the classified church Saint Amand built in 12 ème century and restored in 2006, were the Baths of King, also baptized "port of collapsed" where we loaded the invaluable clusters.

Francois I came from Fontainebleau to enjoy this quiet arm of Seine. The place kept all the majesty of the time. Art and mainly painting have complemented this panoply of epiurians, thanks to Rosa bonheur, a famous animal painter, who came to the 19th siecle to set up his workshop on the heights of the municipality on the hamlet of BY.
Through guided tours of the village, walking along the trails between the walls, you will discover Thomery and his unexpected story!

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